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How to Submit!

We have created a KNOCK OUT BUNDLE PROGRAM to help all customers SAVE MONEY whether you own a home or not, whether you can be financed or not.  As a Non-Profit Company we make very little profit which has enabled us to organize a National Savings Program that will help Knock Out your mortgage debt or any debt by bundling the below services together and saving money.


Residential Clients  (avg. Savings of $300+ per month)


  • Home Owners Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Gas & Electric

  • Telephone, Internet, Cable

  • Health Insurance (join our discount corporate plan)

  • Life Insurance


Commercial Clients  (avg. Savings of $1000+ per month)


  • Credit Card Merchant Processing

  • Liability and/or Commercial Insurance

  • Gas & Electric

  • Telephone, Internet, Cable

  • Corporate Benefits (Health Insurance, 401k, Retirement Plans)

Complete this Form:          Bundle My Bills Form



Send the Completed Form with Bills to:


Fax to:     866-328-4456



Loan Acceleration - Bi-Weekly Program - Step 2

Our Loan Acceleration - Biweekly Program is the second Step to Knock Out your Mortgage and Installment Loans.  Take all or a portion of the Savings from our Bundle Program and add it to our Bi-Weekly Program.  We can show you how to pay your Mortgage off in 10 years.  Installment loans in half the time.  Knocking Out your Debt!


For More Info:    Loan Acceleration Videos and Website

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