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Get a Mortgage Loan Officer License
Make 40k-100k per year for only a $279 investment!

For only $279 you can become a Licensed Loan Officer and become an employee for Mortgages for America.  In most States it is fully legal to be a Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer on your files.  If you reside in a State that doesn't allow that, it is legal to still be paid for loan files if you are an Employee for Mortgages for America.


We give you a step by step instruction on how to get licensed in 30-60 days.  We have partnered with Training Pro for all Federal and State Test Prep. and Courses.  They give us a 30% Discount.  After you take the week long course and pass the course test.  We pay for all Testing and State Licensing Fees.


We process and close your files, so there is very little work you need to do.  Get licensed and make $40k per year.  We have some Loan Officers making over $100k per year.



Careers for Veterans


We Specialize in VA loans, therefore we would like to extend our gratitude to all of our Veterans that are interested in a Mortgage Career.  After our initial phone interview we determine if you would make a good member of our team.  If so, we cover all licensing expenses - totalling aprox. $600.  In most States the online classes are 1 week long and takes aprox. another week to study and prepare for the Federal Safe Act Licensing Test.  It costs $279 for the training through our partner Training Pro and once the test is passed we reimburse you for the $279.  We then pay for and submit to your State all National Mortgage Licensing paperwork and fees.

Our goal is to assist Veterans with a solid career and help our Economy Grow.



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