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3.5% Down FHA Construction Loans & 0% Down USDA Loans

At Mortgages For America, we do 3.5% Down FHA Construction Loans & 0% Down USDA Loans.

On 3.5% Down FHA Construction Loans you can find the land you want to buy, choose a builder and we can finance the land and home all in one loan.

Go to the USDA website to see if the properties you are currently interested in qualify for USDA financing.

Start with the bank you do business with now I always recommend to home buyers on home loans.

Then if you choose, we will be happy to try to out compete your bank for your business.

We represent over 30 of the best wholesale lenders in the nation.

I can shop for the best rate from dozens of lenders, just like Lending Tree and other sites do.

Check out our new website and let me know if I can be of any help!

We will guide you step by step through the loan process and work through any issues to close your loan and get you into your new home.

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