• Thomas Lawhead

Why should you use a mortgage broker?

Internet sites like Lending Tree offer multiple lenders to choose from. So does Mortgages For America. We represent over 30 of the best wholesale lenders in the nation. We shop for the best rates, offer the best service and most importantly work with and advocate for our clients to solve problems that some lenders will deny your loan for.

We offer many types of loans and loan programs for specially situations like manufactured homes, credit issues and problems with conditional loan approval stipulations. This kind of flexibility, customer service and problem solving you simply do not get from a single lender. Most importantly, we are experts at knowing what we can get approved BEFORE we submit your loan, using our years of experience and having the benefit of multiple lenders for our clients to choose from! Give us a call at 614-486-5626 TODAY to find out what a mortgage brokerage can do for you! We also work weekends!

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