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Our Story

Mortgages for America is a division of is a Non Profit Organization that focuses on Educating and matching Investors for Small Businesses within the United States of America. was designed to do exactly as the name says - Save the United States!  The American Economy has been suffering for almost a decade.  Its time we act now, hence the reason was born. philosophy is the future of American Economy is Small Business.  Small Business is what will create jobs, more tax dollars, more spending and stability to the current and future economy.


Every Business in the United States has the opportunity to grow and create more jobs for the US Economy. is determined to unite all Industries and Businesses to assist in job creation.  Our goal is to create 10 Million Jobs within 10 Years.  How are we going to do this? With Business Education, Investor Financing and Educating Entrepreneurs to Start a Business.


The Government states that there is an aprox. 9% unemployment rate.  We feel it is much higher due to not being able to monitor and report every individual of all ages in the United States.  Our fellow patrons are having a very difficult time staying employed or finding a job. believes it's time to act now before it's to late and our Economy goes into a full collapse.

National Association of Financial Specialists is a Non-Profit Association under our Corporate Entity - - we have put together a FREE Training and Certification Program to become a Certified Financial Specialist. You will be Certified to assist your Friends, Families and Businesses to save them on their monthly bills and build a sound retirement for their future.

We are a Non-Profit Association therefore to become a Member your Membership is FREE of charge. We do ask for donations but it is not required. Donations go towards a full financial planning software and to new development and training programs that will further your life and career. Once you become a member you will have access to all of our programs. Our programs include FREE life coaching and designing your financial future, career consulting and an entire business opportunity system after you are certified for each level.

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